Rep Israel honors Tyler Fazzari for creating BirthdayBack


Honoring Tyler Fazzari

by Representative Steve Israel

Posted on 2014-05-30

ISRAEL asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend his remarks.) Mr. ISRAEL. Mr. Speaker, I rise to honor Tyler Fazzari. Tyler is 10 years old. He lives in Port Washington, and he is giving back to our community in a major way.

Last week, I visited Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism, and I literally ran into Tyler in a corridor. I learned that he gave that school $800 donated by his friends for his own birthday. He has a friend with autism, and he wanted to do something about it.

Tyler told me that he formed an organization called BirthdayBack. It inspires other kids to raise money for their birthdays in lieu of gifts and give to charity.

Tyler is an entrepreneur, but he is also a philanthropist. And at age 10, he gives me great hope for the future of our country and great hope that if enough of us are inspired by Tyler we will find a cure for autism.

Thank you, Tyler.